Integration and Extension of the Scope of Anthrometric Data Stored in Large EU Pools

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Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia


IBV is a non-profit cross-sectoral RTO focused in the study, analysis and assessment of human-product interaction in the fields of biomechanics, anthropometrics, ergonomics, comfort and usability. IBV’s Mission is to promote and undertake scientific research, technological development, technical assessment and training to SMEs in Biomechanics and related fields of knowledge for their social and economic use; and transferring and providing high-value services and products to the industry and service sectors. Its activity is addressed to nine business areas: clothing and footwear, sport goods habitat, workplace ergonomics, assistive technologies, healthcare technology, elderly people & ageing, tourism & leisure and transport & vehicles. The centre is composed by a multi-disciplinary team of 250 people (incl. biomechanical engineers, medical doctors, physical therapists, mathematicians and analysts). Main R&D areas directly linked to this proposal are:

  • Study of body morphometry and its application to the development of products (e.g. footwear, clothing, orthotics and technical aids or furniture) and environments (e.g. vehicles, workplace, schools, hotels) to improve fitting, comfort and prevent health problems.
  • Study and testing of products and environments based on ergonomic, comfort and usability criteria.
  • Assessment and testing for the improvement of software and web usability.

Human Solutions GmbH


Human Soultions is an international IT company focusing on the fields of human modelling and body scanning. HS/Assyst researches, develops and markets innovative hardware and software solutions for the measurement and simulation of human beings, integrating them into product development and manufacturing processes for the individualization and personalization of products, ergonomic optimization in the automotive industry and mass customization for the fashion industry. Solution products from the company are proving successful in more than 300 companies worldwide. In 2009, Human Solution absorbed 100% the assets of the former Assyst/Bullmer Group of Companies. Due to this, it has access to CAD-CAM-PLM competences and resources from Assyst GmbH. Assyst develops integrated CAM, CAD and PLM solutions for the wearable and Interiors industries. The company operates on a worldwide basis with. Its customer list includes well-known brands like Betty Barclay, Hugo Boss, Rene Lezard, s. Oliver, Schöffel, Seidensticker, Tchibo, BMW, Daimler and Ferrari.

Hypercliq E.E.


Hypercliq is a high-tech start-up aiming to capitalize on the expertise of its founders (IT professionals with a rich academic and business background) and a flexible and repeatable business model that significantly extends its capacities and reach through a network of affiliated experts, developers and Institutes ( The company is offering high quality IT services, ranging from the development of trendy e-shops to the conception/design and implementation of large-scale knowledge management and e-collaboration platforms, targeting mainly the consumer goods industries and fashion communities (clothing, footwear and accessories designers, SME producers, distributors, as well as consumers).

Össur hf


Ossur’s mission is to improve people’s mobility with innovative, non-invasive products. Össur delivers advanced and innovative solutions within the fields of bracing and supports (products for therapeutic and preventive purposes), prosthetics (artificial limbs and related products) and compression therapy (products for treatment of vascular disorders, ulcers and oedema). Össur was founded in 1971 as a prosthetic workshop. The company started expanding internationally through a series of strategic acquisitions and significant investments in technology and innovation. Today, Ossur is the global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics. It employs ~1700 persons worldwide and the turnover in 2010 nearly $360 Million. Ossur’s head office is in Iceland. The company has global operations in 14 strategic locations through offices in US, Europe, China, Australia and Sweden, with an extensive network across other international markets. Ossur currently holds around 700 patents and 400 patents are pending. R&D work is a core function at Ossur and the company policy is to use 5-6% of annual turnover on R&D. Currently more than 100 persons are working on R&D. Ossur participates in the work group of ISO TC168 on creating testing standards for prosthetics.

Iturri S.A.


Founded in 1947, Iturri is a Spanish company that has today more than 900 staff, presence in over 10 countries and provides global service (manufacture, distribution, logistics, commercial & technical assistance) to more than 4.000 clients worldwide. Iturri manufactures and distributes Protective clothing, Work clothing and footwear, Personal Protection Equipment, ballistic protection, automotive products, fire-fighting equipment, environment and emergency products. The commercial activity of Iturri is structured according to 4 units, each one of them divided into sub-segments: Industry (electrical, automobile, refinery, ports, foundry), Defence (army, police, other force bodies), Emergency (fire-fighters, airports, forest brigades) and Health services (hospitals, urgencies). Some of their Clients are NATO, French Police, Spanish Ministry of Defense, German Army, Automotive industries, Oil companies, etc. They have an important international presence, with more than 30% of their service made on the international area (i.e. UK, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Morocco, Chile), including manufacture, distribution, and logistics, commercial & technical assistance. Iturri has dedicated R&D, in high-tech equipment (e.g. water-proof, and fire-, cold- or chemical- resistant).

Schrittenloher GmbH


Rieder is a medium-sized company that has been manufacturing bespoke shirts and blouses for generations. Company production is carried out solely in Herxheim, in the heart of the German Palatinate. The Rieder company distinguishes itself through its high level of manufacturing know-how, specialization in all aspects of body sizes, its high quality fabric suppliers and an outstanding standard of quality. In 2000 the managing director decided to expand her business to tailored suits in cooperation with other European suppliers and Partners (i.e. HS/Assyst). In keeping with the company slogan, "Best quality and individual service for our customers", individual customer requests (like, for example, collar height and arm length) are all taken meticulously into account. Handcrafted skills in combination with cutting-edge manufacturing technology ensure the highest quality and an optimum service.