Integration and Extension of the Scope of Anthrometric Data Stored in Large EU Pools

Project News



2014-05-20: Eurofit 24th Month Meeting in Valencia

The project partners of Eurofit at Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia. (Universidad Politecnica De Valencia)

2014-05-15: Texprocess Americas in Atlanta, USA

Eurofit was presented at the Leading International Trade Fair for Processing Textile and Flexible Materials in Atlanta on the booth of Human Solutions.


2014-05-12: Industrial Technologies 2014, Athen, 9-11 April 2014 

Eurofit project was presented by IBV and Hypercliq at the Industrial Technologies 2014 exhibition ( in Athens on 9th to 11th April 2014. The event was participated by over 1300 delegates, among which 150 high-level speakers presenting nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials and new production technologies. In parallel with the conference, the IndustryTech exhibition and a brokerage day were organized.


Eurofit was presented at a successful conjoint stand together with other European projects related to anthropometrics applied to product design, i.e. Fashion-Able, PROsumer.NET, Man-Made, AddFactor, SizingSUDOE, and ShopInstantShoe, From the 50 stands of the exhibition, our stand was selected among the 5 finalist for the “Best Exhibitor Award”, because of the high applicability of research results into industry, in particular the ICT tools for manufacturing companies, where EUROFIT is framed. All the finalist stands were visited by a VIP jury composed of several EC representatives led by Clara de la Torre, Director of "Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)" at the DG Research and Innovation. This gave us the opportunity to present the approach and results of Eurofit to all jury members, who showed a high interest.

IBV had an invited speaker at Workshop 11: from mass production to customisation and personalisation (Fri 11th April 14:15-16:00) who made a presentation entitled: "Customer-driven design examples: the EASY-IMP, FASHION-ABLE and EUROFIT projects" where EUROFIT was briefly outlined.

2014-03-19: Presentation of the Eurofit project at the EUROPEAN DATA FORUM 2014

Eurofit was very successfully presented at the European Data Forum 2014, which took place in Athens, Greece.  EDF is an annual event focusing on Europe’s Data Economy with more than 700 industry leaders, researchers, and policy makers, participating to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data-driven innovation.


The Eurofit project was presented by Hypercliq within the context of “Data Challenges II - Personal Data, Standards & Data Roadmaps” and received very positive reactions from both researchers and professionals. Overall participants expressed great interest in the achievement of smart 3D data compression using Principal Component Analysis as well as the online visualisation and analysis of 3D anthropometric data.

You can download the final paper, the presentation and a video here.

2014-01-06: Press report on textile-network

Please follow the link "Eurofit: Die erste Version des Portals erfolgreich bestätigt"

2013-12-13: Press Report on fibre2fashion

Please follow the link "Eurofit portal project successfully moves to second stage"

2013-12-12: Press report on texdata

Please follow the link "The first release of the Eurofit portal has been approved"

2013-11-20: 4th international Conference and Exhibition on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Long Beach CA, USA, 19-20 November 2013

The paper and the presentation for the Congress are now available at the download area.


2013-11-17: Press Report on just-style

Please follow the link "GERMANY: Eurofit online body measurement project underway"

2013-11-15: Presentation of the Eurofit project at the ICT Vilnius 2013 - Create, connect, grow

Eurofit was present at ICT Vilnius 2013 in the stand 4D8. This is the biggest event related to R&D in ICT in Europe, with more than 5.500 visitors including  researchers, academics, company representatives, exhibitors, speakers, EC organizations, etc. 186 ICT projects had a stand in the exhibition area  of  the fair, divided by category/theme.

Eurofits presence at the ICT 2013 event was a great success. Both researchers and proffessionals that visited our stand showed great interest at our results. Most of them  were impressed by our achievement of enabling statistical analysis and real time visualization of 3D body shapes online and in real time. We had an average of 60 visits per day and more than 40 visitors asked for future contact and updating on our results (R&D and commercial). The road to even more exciting future developments seems to be wide open....

Our Stand

Eurofit stand was small but nice with its minimal design aiming at a clear communication of the project concept to visitors of different profiles. Eurofit was the only big data analysis project focussing on the analysis of Digital Anthropometric Data (DAD).


2013-10-28: Presentation of the Eurofit project at the 1st European Textile Flagships conference

On 24 October 2013, the Eurofit project was presented in the 1st European Textile Flagships Conference in Brussels. This public event put the spotlight on the 7 Textile Flagship initiatives started in late 2012.

At the 1st European Textile Flagships conference, the Technology Platform and the experts that have worked during the last year in the 7 Flagship expert groups shared with European textile professionals and policy makers the results of this work and showcase the great potential of textile innovation to address the priority themes of HORIZON 2020.

Each flagship was covered in a full day conference session. The participation of the Eurofit project was in TFE 7 Digital Fashion: full digital integration of fashion design, customisation and production, in the segment of European projects.

The conference addressed different trends, challenges and opportunities as the clothing customization, new sizing services or the virtualization of fashion were one of the most important inputs is the customer anthropometrics. Eurofit project (that faces this subject) generated high interest in the audience, formed by fashion SMEs (more than 50% of participants), IT companies, Universities and Research centers.

You can download the presentation here.

2013-06-13: Texprocess in Frankfurt, Germany

Eurofit was presented at the Leading International Trade Fair for Processing Textile and Flexible Materials in Frankfurt on the booth of Human Solutions.

2012-10-17: 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on 3D Body Scanning Technologies in Lugano, Switzerland, 16.-17.10.2012

Eurofit was presented at the International Body Scanning Conference in Lugano.

2013-02-28: Public Event on Innovative Technologies for Consumer Goods

IMS-MTP initiative YourGoods has been created to foster the collaboration among various FP7 projects (CoReNet, Fashion-able, MyWear and and partners from Europe, Mexico, USA and Switzerland in the area of Consumer Good.

YourGoods event aimed at creating a knowledge sharing basis bridging from research and scientific world to industrial companies in the consumer goods area.

The aim of this public event organized by the IMS-MTP initiative YourGoods together with IBV and ITIA-CNR was to extend the scope of each single project sharing research and industrial experiences on topics like:

  • Closing the gap between customer requirements and design and confi guration of innovative products and services to ensure wellbeing as well as fashionable goods,
  • identification of materials, components as well as industrial technologies to fulfill customers requirements in new flexible and adaptable production systems,
  • setting sup sustainable supply networks based on distributed and collaborative environments to ensure coordination of actors with different capabilities and competences.

Eurofit was presented at the workshop by Rainer Trieb. You can download his presentation here.

Watch videos at

2013-01-10: 6-month-technical Meeting in Athen, 08.-10.01.2013

A successful 6-month-technical Meeting of EUROFIT took place in Athen with the participation of its partners.

The meeting objectives were the following:

  • Define DEMO for the Review meeting in June-July
  • Introduce technical discussions WP1-WP4 (e.g. Homodel creation methods, system architecture, added-value services based on PCA)
  • Ossur Pilot
  • Process to achieve DB aggregation (WP2).
  • Dissemination and exploitation activities.
  • Distribution of work and responsibilities until June.

2012-09-21: 3-month-technical Meeting in Kaiserslautern, 20.-21.09.2012

A successful 3-month-technical Meeting of Eurofit took place in Kaiserslautern with the participation of its partners.

The meeting objectives were the following:

Presentation of the consortium and general management issues to partners not present at the kick-off meeting

  • Update of the project progress (WP1, WP2, WP3)
  • Making key technical decisions concerning:
    - Homodels structure
    - Basic/initial interfaces
    - Portal architecture
    - Data exchange between partners
  • Update dissemination/exploitation progress
  • Presentation of next steps (until next meeting, i.e. December)

2012-06-13: Kick-Off-Meeting in Valencia, 13.06.2013

A successful Kick off meeting of Eurofit took place in Valencia with the participation of its partners and representative of European Commission.

The aim of this meeting was:

  1. to present the pre-existing knowledge of the each partner which will be the starting point of the new development of the project.
  2. To agree the technical work plan based on DOW.

2012-06-07: European Data Forum 2012 in Copenhagen, DK 

Eurofit was presented at the European Data Forum 2012 in Copenhagen.

You can download the presentation here.